Types of Oral Appliances

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Lake in the Hills

At Sleep Better Illinois, Dr. Tim Stirneman offers several types of oral appliances that can be successfully used to shift a patient’s jaw and help them achieve restful, uninterrupted sleep. Every patient has their own personal needs and preferences, and our team will take this information into account when recommending one of the following devices:

ProSomnus MicrO2®

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies designs, manufactures and markets FDA Cleared Class II Medical Devices dentists use to treat patients diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. ProSomnus Devices are the first, precision oral appliance therapy devices designed to enhance compliance, mitigate side effects and, enable dentists to achieve excellent patient experiences and outcomes. They have been used to treat thousands of patients, with clinical performance that has been validated in randomize controlled trials, retrospective cohort studies, and numerous clinical case reports.

Herbst Appliance

The Herbst appliance offers sleep apnea patients several benefits, including increased flexibility, plenty of comfort, and a nicely lightweight fit. Patients will be capable of moving their jaw both vertically and laterally while wearing their appliance. In addition to snoring and sleep apnea, Dr. Stirneman also often recommends this device when treating TMJ disorder and bruxism.

Our Lake in the Hills, IL practice is open to patients from Lake in the Hills and other nearby areas. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary sleep apnea consultation with Dr. Stirneman!

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